eCommerce: How BI will help your Marketing Strategies

Back in 2017, Walmart’s Mother’s Day Marketing Campaign celebrated mothers of different ages and skin tones. The response to the campaign was unbelievable. To put in numbers, Walmart reported a strong growth online, with e-commerce sales soaring 50 percent.

So, how were they able to do this?

They analyzed the humongous pile of customer data and created this amazing marketing strategy. That’s right! Customer Data!

Walmart used  Cultural Insights Impact Measure, an ad metric that analyzes how cultural insights affect brand perceptions, purchase intent and loyalty to specific marketers.

Most online businesses succeed because they leverage their customer data to make strategic marketing decisions like product launches and promotional events. This not only helps the business to evaluate the performance of the marketing campaigns but also to understand the area of improvements.

And, you can enrich your marketing strategies with Kato’s Business Intelligence tool. 

Kato drills down the raw data and convert them into actionable insights. This, in turn, will help you enhance your business strategies. 

Let us take a look at how Kato works it magic. 

Numbers and Metrics

Now that you have run your ad campaign and have the data, what should be your next step? Definitely, you need to know what worked and what did not. And, the only way you can do this is by asking the right questions.  

Using Kato, you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. It is easy to define a variety of Key Performance Indicators like conversion rates, bounce rate, website traffic metrics, social media engagement and similar metrics from multiple sources. 

Visualization Boards

Now, that you have defined the KPIs, it’s time to monitor them in real-time. 

Kato simplifies this process with its customizable interface. You can pull real-time data from multiple sources. Additionally, you can include relevant data points for your team. 

These sophisticated dashboards makes number-intensive data comprehensible and easy to use for anyone in your organization. It also helps your team to obtain long term insights and make data-driven marketing decisions.  


You have data from multiple sources and they are never in a uniform format. Well, that will be a Herculean Task, if you are trying to convert them into a uniform format. 

With Kato’s reporting feature, you can set the parameters for data analysis and segregation . Based on this, Kato captures and reports the analyzed data in the form of statistical data, visual charts or even textual content. 

Hence, your team can focus on perfecting the marketing campaigns while Kato takes care of the data analysis and reporting. 
Marketing has come a long way from a simple advertisement in the newspaper. With Kato’s Business Intelligence tool, watch how data can help you be on top of the eCommerce game.

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