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Analytics and AI


Why Kato

Customized dashboards built on our base-platform IP for each business. Our process is simple and easy – we have a single dashboard on which your data is mounted and you can access it from anywhere at any time, through any device.

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In the web-driven world of business, customer behavior, market trends, and contemplation on the methodologies to fit in your business - needs data analytics as a strong foundation. Kato’s AI and BI services are a perfect blend of these.

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Kato Solutions


Smart and visually appealing dashboards, customized for your business model and vertical. KPIs represented by the right type of visualisation to measure and display your business performance.

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Business Intelligence

Intelligent analysis of your customer data to derive business insights. Comparison with market trends. All this applies to make your business efficient, intuitive and ROI positive.

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Artificial Intelligence

Kato’s robust AI platform will help you bridge the gap between data insights and implementation for your business. Using powerful techniques in machine intelligence run on tools like TensorFlow, Kato’s AI platform can help out in a lot of business-specific use cases.

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